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Study shows reduced heart rate, higher running speed, and increased endurance with less soreness for marathon runners taking Unbroken® RTR during training.

Competitive marathon runners who took Unbroken® RTR daily over a 60-day training period demonstrated reduced heart rate and improved running speed while increasing running endurance, muscle strength, and overall well-being compared to baseline and placebo. The athletes taking Unbroken® RTR further reported absence of muscle pain and improved sleep. There were no adverse effects reported related to Unbroken® RTR supplementation.

Study of athletes preparing for the New York Marathon

The study was carried out in the fall of 2010 and followed the performance during training for 8 athletes preparing for the New York Marathon 2010. Competitive marathon runners go through an extreme training program with 30-40 km runs three times per week. In addition, these athletes have a tough regimen of fitness, endurance, and strength training. This training puts enormous stress on the body and requires quick restitution of muscles in order to maintain the training schedule. The study ran over 60 days of intense training prior to the marathon. The study design was a randomized, placebo-controlled, and double-blind method. The 8 athletes were split into two groups where one constituted the placebo group. The trial group consumed a daily drink consisting of a blend of mango and orange juice mixed with 10 grams of Unbroken® RTR in chocolate powder. The placebo group received only the juice with chocolate powder. The experiment began the last week of September 2010 and ended the first week of December 2010 and found a significant difference between the base line, placebo and Unbroken® RTR treatment. Unbroken® RTR treatment resulted in a reduced heartbeat rate to 35-37, while the placebo group had 38-39 beats/min. Unbroken® RTR improved running speed by 5.8% while increasing running endurance, muscle strength and overall well-being of the athletes compared to baseline and placebo.

The study was performed by Dr. Wudeneh Letchamo, Research Scientist at Rutgers University.

Unbroken® RTR is an all-natural dietary supplement made from fresh farmed salmon. It contains the full range of free amino acids, short peptides and micronutrients required by the body for protein synthesis. The free amino acids and short peptides are readily absorbed in the digestive system (no molecules larger than 561 Dalton) and do not require further digestion. This makes for rapid replenishment of amino acids to the blood for muscle restitution and protein regeneration.