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🍋Frí sending á afhendingarstaði Dropp þegar keypt er fyrir meira en 5.000 kr.🍋




 - Competitions can be really tough and Ólafía Kvaran is the world champion! The Spartan race is about 21 km off-road obstacle race with 30 different obstacles, slopes and mud on the way. And if a participant misses an obstacle, then he or she is penalized.

“My body recovers much faster after demanding and long exercises. Whether heavy strength training or running. I can hardly feel the barriers. Because the recovery of my muscles is much faster, I am much more energetic and refreshed all day.

I take Unbroken three times per day. When I wake up, before/after exercise, and around dinner. I also drink more water during the day which is a necessary bonus. The product is 100% natural and fantastic taste.”

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