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- “I think the benefits are many from taking Unbroken. Firstly it’s the scientific based method that has been used to break down the amino acids with enzymes. I feel that truly does matter. We’ve all heard about that it’s important to take nutrition in 30 minutes after exercise or games. This helps that process, so the body doesn’t haven’t have to waste more energy to melting it. And I also think that a side benefit is that it’s really helped me keep track of hydrating and taking the 3 times a day and taking a lot of water with it. This is something I can forget sometimes. But not its more in my routine to take 3 to 4 tablets of Unbroken per day. That helps me hydrate better. It makes a huge difference in terms of recovery first and foremost.

I first heard about Unbroken two years ago. My friend had problems sleeping and tried this supplement. He is the kind of guy that actually, there is no BS around him. So it worked for him. He felt he truly slept better. So, I decided then to try it myself. I had been on it ever since. On a hands-on level, I think Unbroken has helped me to recover, also mentally its I am trying to every way to become a little bit better. 
I've tried many products and if I don't like them then I stop using them but since my friend recommended Unbroken in 2020 I've used it consistenly since. It's a great product. 

– Höskuldur Gunnlaugsson, Breiðablik's captain.

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